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  "The lost teachings

of the Andean Masters".

             Chapter 1

    Andean Spirituality






A journey of Unity in Diversity" Multi-instrumentalist Jorge Alfano shares with us his amazing quest of spirituality, creativity and music trough his uncanny ability of performing on an arrey of Ancient, traditional and modern instruments from around the world. With the hope of delivering a message of peace, and cultural unity, using music and dance Jorge empowers every human being into a life of unlimited creativity without any barriers of culture, traditions, religions, politics . Celebrating many paths, Jorge offers a very entretaining , informative and exiting live performance with commentaries from the musician, producer and author himself. Featuring Fernando Otero on piano, Jeff deen tablas, Fernando Moraes Perc. , Los Latigos, Luna and Yoshiko Taiko Dojo. ENJOY !!!!



  "The lost teachings

of the Andean Masters".

             Chapter 2

    Andean Spirituality



This is a brief intro to the course of Science of Love a 10 class progression into the Universal understanding of the energy and use of the laws of Creation . From the center of Creation itself to how we can use this energy on ourselves, our lives , our purpose , our work , our whole existence. An ever-present Science long forgotten and hiden from us.

"S.O.L. Science of Love " intro


Practice this 3 levels meditation for Oneness with Jorge Alfano

Oneness for Emotional Recovery


Introduction to Sacred Sounds Workshop with Sound Healing Courses by:

Jorge Alfano,

Dr, John Beaulieu,

Silvia Nakkach 

Vanessa Cisneros

Jeff Deen to name a few.............

More Episodes Produced by Oneness TV

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Dr, John Beaulieu, Menla Sound Healing Intensive

Jeff Deen. Sound Healing and its benefits

     Jorge Alfano

Thoughts on Music

Anton Ponce de Leon and Jorge Alfano

on Compassion