ZEN MUSIC from JAPAN (Shakuhachi flute and Koto)


On this particular concert Jorge Alfano will introduce us to the ancient music of Japan known as "Honkioku" from the Fuke sect of Buddhism ZEN , a long time student of the Kinko school of Zen music, Jorge will explain and play this meditative and beautiful music to elevate and inspire us .

Sacred Music of the ANDES 


The Sacred music of the Andes comes alive on this particular Concert where Jorge Alfano will perform on sacred instruments that go back thousands of years in the past of the Andean tradition, a great Lemurian heritage.

Music of INDIA with Jorge Alfano ( Bansuri and Sitar) and Jeff Deen Tablas

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Spiritual music of the Middle East 


Jorge will play the Oud ( 11 strings fretless guitar-like) and the Duduk (double reed woodwind from Armenia and Turkey) Jeff Deen on Darbouka drum 

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